VP Sales & Strategic Business Development – As A Service.

Hired by companies around the world to consult and advise on their sales & growth challenges. With my help, you’ll know exactly how to solve your sales problems and start generating more revenue.

What My Clients Say?

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So what do I bring to the table? Over 20 years of diverse experience in all aspects of International Sales, Strategic Business Development, Global Expansion and New markets, resulting in business and revenue growth all over the world (USA, EU, APAC, FSU).

The first 10 years of my Sales career (which started in 2002) were mostly dedicated to hands-on Sales (and often marketing), all over the Globe. I was a Sales Manager – a combination of an SDR/AE/BD – in various companies, selling across the globe.

For the next 10 years (and counting) I fulfilled senior management roles – VP Global/International Sales (and Business Development). On one hand, I got to build strategic plans, deal with investors and VCs, and close significant deals personally, and on the other hand, I get to build entire Sales operations from scratch – hire and train personnel, manage budgets and pipelines, find and manage distributors, and much more.


These days, I am hired by companies that can’t afford a full-time, in-house, VP. Sometimes there is no need for such a position to solve the task at hand… And sometimes people read my recommendations (or met me) – and simply want ME to help them.

Though my most “comfortable” industries are SaaS and IoT, I am also quite familiar with many others, such as Medical Devices and HW, Logistics, Retail and FMCG.

I hold 2 B.A.s: in International Relations and + Eastern Asia Studies/Chinese from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

I speak English, Hebrew, Russian and Chinese.

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So what is it that I do?

I specialize in all aspects of SALES – whatever that means to YOU and your company. How do I do it? As an External VP Sales, my work process looks similar for most of my clients.

1. Company

I start by analyzing the current situation of your company. Where are we and where do we want to be. What is the end goal? What is the roadmap – how are we going to get there? What is required?

2. Product

What do we sell, what do we solve, and for whom? Who will buy it and why? Do we need to adjust something? Add?

3. Geography

Why are we selling where we are and should we be selling somewhere else? How are we going to do that? What can prevent us from succeeding?

4. Tactics

How are we selling – and should we be doing something different? In-house Salespeople? Outsourced? Distributor? Agents?

As the end result of this stage, we’ll know what should we be doing and how.

Should I look for the best distributor out there – and manage them for you? Should I hire Salespeople to run the show, train them and manage them daily? Should we open a subsidiary in the EU? Or APAC?

Those – and many other – questions will be answered within the first 2-4 weeks.

And then we’ll start implementing – bringing in the revenue!

Let’s schedule a call and see how I can help YOU.